Research & Development

Since the beginning UAB "ARCUS NOVUS" deals with research and development in the field of informatics and communications and designs specialized equipment. The results of R&D are implemented into satellite communication service and give possibility to provide service of better quality at the same price, and also were used for design of the first Lithuanian artificial Earth satellites.

Satellite receivers­–routers "RipFrame"

UAB "ARCUS NOVUS", in pursuit to provide more qualitative and cheaper services deals with research in field of processing of data streams and transmission by satellite channels since it was founded. The results of research are used in the company while designing and producing satellite receivers–routers "RipFrame".

Receivers­­–routers "RipFrame" reduce volumes of redundant data, increase bandwidth and solve the problem of transmitting data at a limited rate.

Big streams of data transmitted through satellite channels are processed at the real time using FPGA chips programmed by means of Verilog and VHDL.


Video streaming via IP network

UAB "ARCUS NOVUS" performs research and development in video streaming via IP network.  Transmission of uncompressed video stream gained from SDI interface and then compressed according to protocols H.264 and H.265 via standard IP network is being developed. Coders for graphic acceleration from "Intel Corporation" and "Nvidia Corporation" are to be used for compression.


Mainboard of Earth satellite

UAB "ARCUS NOVUS" took part in creation of first two Lithuanian satellites "LitSat-1". Schemes of satellite mainboards were designed in our company. Also PCB were produced and assembled. In the mainboards processors with ARM Cortex M4 core were embedded.


Tracking block for satellite antenna

UAB "ARCUS NOVUS" designed satellite antenna one axis positioning controller to track geostationary Earth satellites on inclined orbits. Those controllers are especially useful when fuel in satellites is about to end and satellites begin to "sway".


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